Long Roof Fans Converge This Weekend For Wagon Fest

Long Roof Fans Converge This Weekend For Wagon Fest

The sixth-annual Wagon Fest PNW is set to be hosted this weekend at LeMay – America’s Car Museum (I’ve co-hosted Radwood events there before, it’s a great venue). It’s billed as “The largest gathering of grocery getters in the universe” and it sure looks like a great time. I myself am a wagon man, and if I weren’t a few thousand miles away, I’d certainly be there.

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I’ve been to events hosted by the Avants folks out in Seattle before, and they’re always a blast. We covered this event before, back in 2021, and it seems to still be going just as strong as it was then. They’ve expanded, in fact, recently hosting an event at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles.

Graphic: Avants/Wagon Fest

Here are the details!

Where: LeMay – America’s Car Museum (one of the most beautiful car museums in the country), in Tacoma, Washington

When: Sunday, September 24th from 10 am to 2pm

How much: The standard cost to enter the car show is $30 per car, which includes a ticket to the museum (score!). Spectators get in to the show free!

How to sign up: Head on over to the Wagon Fest Eventbrite site!

What cars: “Old and new…foreign and domestic…long roof and longer roof! If it’s a wagon, bring it.”

What else: If you live in the area and you aren’t already an Avants member, this is your excuse. The Avants car club has a really cool magazine with gorgeous photography and excellent prose, plus they put on great events all over the Seattle, Portland, and SoCal regions.

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It’s great to see the proliferation of this kind of low-key event with a cool theme. If you’re a wagon fanatic or just a car person in general, you’re going to want to be there. And if you don’t own a wagon, maybe this is the push you need to pick one up. Maybe you can show up in something nobody else has. HHR SS?