Luxury EV conversion company announces electric Land Rover Defender for superyacht owners

Luxury EV conversion company announces electric Land Rover Defender for superyacht owners

Though many Land Rover models don’t bother hiding their ultra-luxury roots, the Defender has at least tried to maintain a sense of ruggedness and adventure. That’s changing, albeit unofficially, as a company called Everrati recently announced a new electric Defender designed to transport superyacht owners from their hulking vessels to onshore destinations.

Called the Shore Tender, the electrified off-roader is based on the classic SUV platform and features a sailcloth cover, floor panels made from recycled ocean plastic, and removable doors. Buyers can option the vehicle with a champagne chiller, picnic hampers, and towel storage, and Everrati said that many buyers choose to purchase the SUV in pairs and noted that the hand-built electric powertrain is constructed to OEM-level standards.

While it’s designed primarily for lazy oceanside outings, the Shore Tender gets advanced charging capabilities, including DC fast charging. Buyers get custom sailcloth duffel bags embroidered with their yachts’ names and can customize the Shore Tender’s paint job to match their floating fortresses.

Of course, yacht owners need to move their electric toys from one port to another, and the Shore Tender is designed to work with the limited storage areas some of today’s largest vessels offer. It’s unclear how much the vehicle weighs, but it’s likely much lighter than normal road-going EVs to account for storage needs.

Everrati hasn’t disclosed the Shore Tender’s cost, but it likely won’t come cheap, given the target audience. People who can afford multi-million-dollar yachts probably won’t care. Plus, the Shore Tender gives them a reason to feel good about the environment, considering that their yachts are among the most polluting modes of transportation around.

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The Shore Tender will get a full reveal at the Monaco Yacht Show (where else?) on September 27, but no release date was given. The company is based in the UK, restoring classic cars with electric powertrains. Its conversions include a Porsche 911 ST and other Land Rover models, and Everrati has plans to expand to the United States to meet growing demand.