Made in America | These cars top the most-American list

Made in America | These cars top the most-American list

The car with the most American/Canadian content for 2022 is … cue the drumroll … the Lincoln Corsair, in both standard gasoline-fueled and plug-in hybrid guise. Both versions of Lincoln’s compact luxury crossover earned a score of 86 — due to 72% of its parts coming from one of the two aforementioned countries — in the American University Kogod Business School’s annual “Made in America Auto Index.” Last year’s leader, the 2021 Ford Mustang GT (when equipped with a manual transmission) fell all the way to 22nd place with a 50% rating due to a switch in transmissions sourced from Mexico. In case you’re interested, that puts Ford’s red-blooded American ponycar below vehicles like the Kia Sorento, Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class SUV and Lexus ES.

If you’re wondering how an American car that’s assembled within the borders of the United States could rank below a model from a Korean, German or Japanese automaker, well, we’ll let Kogod explain: “The components of the index are based on research performed by the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor Michigan regarding the economic value of different components of auto manufacturing. For example, the highest ranked cars are made by U.S.-based manufacturers using American engines and transmissions, and with a high AALA percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts.”

There are 25 total vehicles listed in the Top 10 (there are lots of ties this year). Here’s the full list:

There’s a whole long list of reasons for the above scores, with seven criteria that include factory location, headquarters location and where its various bits and pieces come from. For more on the rankings, how they compare with prior years and to see the full 37-page list of results, head on over to Kogod Business School’s site.

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