Meet the insurtech:

Meet the insurtech:, a provider of cloud-based, customer engagement solutions, is built on the basis that effective, meaningful, technology-based communication and engagement is the key to carriers’ success. 

The insurtech, which started in 2011 as TundraLogic, rebranded to in 2019. It was co-founded by industry veterans Steve Johnson, head of product, and Michael Kassing, chief visionary officer.

Steve Johnson, founder and head of product at’s Customer Engagement Platform aims to provide seamless integration with various core administration systems and offers a suite of features, including an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telecommunications platform and an insured portal.

“Our Customer Engagement Platform is designed for midsize insurers to be able to compete with large insurers, as well as small up-and-coming insurtechs, by providing a high-quality customer experience on a budget,” said Johnson. “It’s a full-featured solution for customer engagement, with an insured portal, IVR, mobile web, outbound notifications for retention, and then full analytics that can be used with any policy management system and any payment processor, in a non-disruptive fashion, that gives a midsize insurer the ability to launch a full-featured insurance experience quickly and easily.”

The IVR platform presents a versatile toolkit aimed at elevating customer retention and engagement, including round-the-clock IVR payment and policy information, without the need for an insurance agent, automated call and text policy notifications and the Text-2-pay feature, which enables insureds to make quick payments via text messages.’s insured portal is a cloud-based, platform independent product, also available on mobile, that was designed to be highly configurable and provides insureds with full access to policy information, coverages, documentation and billing or payments history. Carriers may also use its analytics console to review customer engagement. 

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“We provide robust analytics along with our products. When you sign up for any of our products, linsured portal and IVR, you get access to a whole plethora of information about your customers’ behavior from how often they’re logging in to what their activity is when they’re accessing their policy,” Johnson shared. “You receive a full historical look at how they’re engaging with you. The IVR statistics and portal statistics and data points give you a really strong insight into your customers’ behavior.”

As for the agents’ experience, also offers the LeadGen product, an agent-centric platform designed for integration with a comparative rater that can gather customer information and create initial offer rates via the agent website. 

Johnson adds that will soon launch Insights Pro, a software upgrade for its Insights portal, for viewing customer engagement history and analytics. 

Johnson said, “Insights Pro unlocks the ability to view detailed policy information and allows for advanced reporting and policy servicing capabilities, extending our Customer Engagement platform to Customer Service Representatives as well, allowing them the ability to service policies more efficiently and effectively in a streamlined interface, completing the circle on effective customer engagement throughout the entire policy lifecycle.”