Michelin Might Not Actually Make The Best Winter Tire For SUVs

Michelin Might Not Actually Make The Best Winter Tire For SUVs

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It’s hard to write about tires without coming off sounding like a paid shill for Michelin. Their tires are just so good, that recommending them has become a cliché for good reason. Sure, they’re expensive, but it’s also hard to argue they aren’t worth it as long as you can justify the cost. Last week, we shared Tyre Reviews’ winter tire comparison test, and once again, Michelin came out on top, tied with the Bridgestone Blizzaks. But those tires were tested on a sport sedan. Is the Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 still the one to get if you drive a crossover?

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Thankfully, Tyre Reviews is back this week to answer that exact question. Also, while a set of Nokians was notably absent from the previous test, they did make it into this latest comparison. Not that it really changed much. The Nokian Snowproof 2s ended up in the middle of the pack due to their underwhelming performance in dry conditions. That said, they performed admirably in the snow and in the wet.

When it came to putting down lap times in the snow, the Pilot Alpin 5s were a clear winner. At one point, the host remarks, “I have the latest tires from Pirelli, Nokian… we have Continental’s greatest. We have a great tire from Goodyear and other manufacturers, and they’re still almost in a different category than this Michelin. I don’t know what Michelin are doing with the Pilot Alpin range… but it just finds grip where no other tire could find grip. It gives you just a little more on that front axle, and it gives you just a better lap time.”

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So that’s it then. Michelin makes the best winter tires for SUVs, right? Not necessarily. As great as the Pilot Alpin 5s did in the snow, they do come with one downside — rolling resistance. The Continental WinterContact TS 870 P came close to the Michelin’s score, but their rolling resistance is so much better than the Pilot Alpin 5s, that they ended up taking the win. Now, if you don’t care about fuel economy (or range if you drive an electric vehicle), you still may want to go with the Michelins. But in this test, it’s actually the Continentals that performed the best overall.

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