MotorWeek Thanksgiving Retro Review Marathon Is The Perfect Way To Drowning Out Family Drama

MotorWeek Thanksgiving Retro Review Marathon Is The Perfect Way To Drowning Out Family Drama

Screenshot: YouTube/ MotorWeek

Well hello and welcome again to another YouTube livestream of MotorWeek’s Retro Reviews, we’re glad to have you with us. The heroes at MotorWeek are already underway in their noble pursuit to save the Thanksgiving holiday with five straight days of free classic car reviews, starting this morning and ending on Monday.

Honda Motocompacto | Quick Drive

The marathon features non-stop shuffled episodes of television’s automotive magazine, with original air dates ranging from 1981 to 2008. As someone who frequently falls asleep to the Retro Review playlist on shuffle, this is my favorite way to consume the content. You start watching an episode you remember seeing live in 2008, then get teleported back decades prior to remind you how thankful you are to be out of the automotive hellscape that was the malaise era.

MotorWeek Thanksgiving Retro Marathon | Seasons 1-27 on shuffle (1981-2008)

MotorWeek is a family-friendly and reliably unpolitical program and, in contrast to the individually uploaded Retro Review videos, the marathon includes full-length episodes. Where most of the Retro Review videos on the channel are exclusively new car road tests, the marathon allows viewers to drown out your relatives’ problematic ramblings with other segments like Goss’ Garage where MotorWeek’s expert mechanic Pat Goss shares helpful tips for working on your own car, and Lisa Barrow’s FYI segment where she travels the world to document automotive adventures.

Even if your relatives don’t obsess over cars in the same way that you and I do, there has to be some kind of drinking game that could be implemented whenever someone wears a tacky ’90s outfit or radical ’80s hairdo. Your Gen Z and Gen Alpha nieces and nephews might even want to take notes on how to authentically replicate the somehow-trendy-again ’90s and Y2K styles.

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When the conversation takes a turn for the worst, just tune-in to MotorWeek’s YouTube channel for literal days of endless entertainment, education, fashion, and of course cars ranging from wedge-shaped ‘80s econoboxes to the jelly bean cars of the ‘90s to the massive lumbering mall crawlers of the pre-recession days.