New Hampshire Insurance Department Staff Members Appointed to NAIC Standing Committees

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has announced the assignment of staff from the New Hampshire Insurance Department (NHID) to its various standing committees. The assignments were made after careful consideration of various factors, including each member’s expertise, zone balance, and other key considerations.

Michelle Heaton, Health Law and Policy Legal Counsel, has been appointed as the Regulatory Framework (B) Task Force Member, while Christian Citarella, Chief Property and Casualty Actuary, will serve as Casualty Actuarial and Statistical (C) Task Force Member. Heather Silverstein, General Counsel, will be the Antifraud (D) Task Force Member and Assistant Commissioner Christie Rice has been appointed as the Producer Licensing (D) Task Force Member.

Douglas Bartlett, Director of Financial Regulation, will serve on three committees – Accounting Practices and Procedures (E) Task Force Member, Examination Oversight (E) Task Force Member, and Reinsurance (E) Task Force Member. Deputy Commissioner DJ Bettencourt will serve as the NAIC/Consumer Liaison Committee Member.

“I am thrilled to see our department’s staff recognized for their expertise and contributions to the insurance industry,” said Christopher Nicolopoulos, Commissioner of the NHID. “These appointments demonstrate the dedication and hard work of our team, and I am confident they will continue to make valuable contributions to the NAIC.”

“These appointments reflect the continued commitment of the New Hampshire Insurance Department to advancing the insurance industry and protecting consumers,” said Deputy Insurance Commissioner DJ Bettencourt. “The NAIC and its committees play a critical role in shaping insurance regulations and policies, and these appointments provide an opportunity for New Hampshire to play a leadership role in these efforts.”

The New Hampshire Insurance Department is proud to have its staff members selected for these important assignments and looks forward to their contributions to the NAIC.

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