Nissan reveals Hyper Adventure EV concept for Japan Mobility Show

Nissan reveals Hyper Adventure EV concept for Japan Mobility Show

Nissan is gearing up for the Japan Mobility Show (née Tokyo Motor Show) later this month with a series of electric vehicle concepts. The Hyper Adventure concept you see here follows the Hyper Urban concept it unveiled last week, with an eye to the outdoors and the ability to provide your power needs off the grid.

Whether you’re venturing into the forest for a camping trip or embarking on a snowy ski adventure, this EV is meant to be both a capable means of conveyance and a comfortable base camp for your expedition. Nissan hasn’t provided full specifications, but says the Hyper Adventure is equipped with all-wheel drive and crampons on the wheels for added traction, as well as a large-capacity battery that powers the vehicle, as well as other equipment or even the grid with its vehicle-to-everything charging technology.

The strikingly futuristic exterior of the Hyper Adventure concept is designed for aerodynamics, while the interior is meant to be spacious and comfortable, and is equally space-age in its aesthetics. The lack of a B-pillar allows the doors to provide a large opening to the cabin, with the front doors opening forward and the rear doors lifting skyward in dramatic fashion.

Inside, the the screen wraps around the dash, and can operate as an extension of the sindshield to give a better view of the path ahead. Behind the deep bucket front seats is an equally deep bench that can rotate 180 degrees rearward to face the open liftgate. Steps emerging from from the rear bumper allow you to sit in the back of the Hyper Adventure, providing a convenient and comfortable sitting space to strap on your boots or just enjoy the view of your surroundings.

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We don’t know yet what the Hyper Adventure, Hyper Urban or any other upcoming concepts in the series mean for production vehicles going forward, but we hope to learn more when we hit the ground in Tokyo for the Japan Mobility show on October 25. Stay tuned.

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