Polestar Joins The Rush To Tesla's Charging Standard

Polestar Joins The Rush To Tesla's Charging Standard

Photo: Polestar

Polestar has hammered out an agreement with Tesla for owners of the Swedish electric vehicles to use Tesla’s Supercharger network in the United States and Canada. The all-electric automaker is joining the cavalcade of manufacturers getting access to the expansive constellation of vehicle charging stations. Over the past month, Ford and General Motors made deals with Tesla. Parent brand Volvo announced its agreement earlier this week.

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The deal also means Polestar will adopt the North American Charging Standard. Starting in 2025, all new Polestar EVs sold in North America will be equipped with a NACS charging port. For existing Polestar models, adapters are expected to be made available in mid-2024. There will also be adapters so Polestar’s NACS vehicles can still use chargers built to the Combined Charging System standard.

In a statement, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said:

“This is a great win for our North American customers! We salute the pioneering work Tesla has done to speed up the adoption and increase the popularity of electric vehicles, and it’s great to see the Supercharger network being made available in this way. With 12,000 charging points today, a number that will only keep growing, this move will greatly increase the rate of EV adoption in a key automotive region.”

Steadily, it seems like every electric vehicle in the United States will be equipped with a Tesla charging port by 2025. These agreements are definitely a win for customers and potential EV converts, but it does raise a few questions. Will the influx of vehicles create overcrowding issues at Tesla’s Superchargers? Will network exclusivity becoming network ubiquity impact Tesla’s vehicle sales?

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