Rivian Electric Vans Will Be Delivering for Amazon across the U.S. This Holiday Season

Rivian Electric Vans Will Be Delivering for Amazon across the U.S. This Holiday Season

Amazon now has more than 1000 Rivian delivery vans on U.S. roads and they’ve completed more than five million deliveries since their launch in July.The online retailer has placed an order for 100,000 electric delivery vans with Rivian, a figure it hopes to achieve by 2030. The company plans to have multiple thousands on the road by the end of 2022. Amazon began rollout of its new electric delivery vans last summer to a dozen major metropolitan areas, with that figure growing to roughly 100 cities now.

While the rest of us are overindulging on cheap Halloween candy and starting to think about all that gravy we’re going to have to try not to drink at Thanksgiving, Amazon is already listening to Bing Crosby Christmas albums and going through its gift list. The retail/delivery giant is quickly expanding its fleet of electric delivery vehicles, from the dozen cities it started with to over 100 cities today. Since they started delivering packages in July, the Rivian-built vans have delivered more than five million Amazon packages, the online sales giant said.

Now, with the uptick of online shopping that is expected this time of year, Amazon is not only expanding the size of the fleet but the reach as well. Among the newest cities to receive the vans are Austin, Boston, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Madison, Newark, New York, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Portland, Provo, and Salt Lake City.

Amazon has invested a lot of money in Rivian over the past few years, led by a $700 million investment in 2019. That investment came with an order for 100,000 custom delivery vans by 2030. According to Amazon, there are now more than 1000 of the delivery vans on the road, with the hope of having multiple thousands by the end of the year. The custom vans are built exclusively for Amazon, though Rivian offers a similar-looking fleet van on its website. The current Amazon delivery fleet consists of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, Ram ProMasters, and Ford Transit vans.

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