Robert De Niro Swears He Only Ubered A Martini From Nobu ‘One Time’

Robert De Niro Swears He Only Ubered A Martini From Nobu ‘One Time’

Actor Robert De Niro is in court this week facing trial as he counter sues an ex-staffer over improper use of company funds. The civil case centers around former executive assistant Graham Chase Robinson’s use of company cards, but revealed that De Niro himself used the company Uber account for his own sophisticated tastes.

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The case kicked off when Robinson sued De Niro, alleging that his production company was hostile to women and she argued that the “Goodfellas” actor “burdened her with ‘work wife’ duties” while on the job, according to a report from Business Insider. In response, De Niro sued Robinson claiming that she amassed “hundreds of thousands of dollars” on company cards through “improper personal expenses.”

It was in court for these cases that we learned about De Niro’s expensive tastes. While under oath, the Killers Of The Flower Moon actor was questioned about when it was or was not appropriate to use company cards for things like Uber rides and meals out by Andrew Macurdy, one of Robinson’s lawyers. As Business Insider explains:

Macurdy raised an occasion where De Niro tasked Robinson with ordering from Nobu, the iconic New York restaurant that De Niro co-owns, at 11 p.m.

“One time, you really wanted a particular Martini at Nobu, and you asked her to deliver it for you, yes?” Macurdy asked.

De Niro said it happened only once.

De Niro has owned the Nobu restaurant empire alongside chef Nobu Matsuhisa and producer Meir Teper for more than 30 years. And, I must say, getting your 10-year-experienced executive assistant to order a drink from there doesn’t sound like a great use of company time.

But I digress. At its two New York outposts, a Nobu Martini starts at $22 plus tax and tip, and comes in three varieties: lychee, pineapple and grapefruit. However, De Niro has in the past expressed his love for a much simpler form of Martini, often calling for one made with cucumber and rose-infused Scottish gin Hendrick’s.

Nobu does stock Hendrick’s, but charges $18 per measure, so presumably a Martini made with this would be much more than $22. Still, I’m sure De Niro is entitled to some kind of friends and family discount, right?