Rule The Seas In This Retired Dutch Navy Ship Reborn As $24 Million Yacht

Rule The Seas In This Retired Dutch Navy Ship Reborn As $24 Million Yacht

Looks Omnia…us. Photo: TWW Yachts

Rich people are always looking for new ways to one-up each other, whether it’s opting for an outlandish finish on their car, buying up some exotic mansion or starting a sports team collection. Now, there’s a new way rich people can prove their might and it’s by buying an ex-navy vessel that has been turned into a luxury yacht.

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The ship in question is a 200-foot yacht that’s now up for sale through brokerage firm TWW Yachts, and it’s quite the specimen. Called Omnia, the ship reportedly began its life as a pilot boat for the Dutch navy.

A photo of the rear deck on the Omnia yacht.

I’d like to settle back here with a nice glass of 25-year-old Glenfarclas. Photo: TWW Yachts

The ship was first launched back in 1974 when it formed a trio of new vessels built by shipbuilder Amels for the Dutch Navy, according to a report from Autoevolution,. After serving with the military until 1999, it was converted to an explorer yacht and a helipad and hangar was added.

In the years since, it’s been given a few refreshes and repairs, but its most extensive overhaul came in 2021, when the ship changed hands before undergoing a full overhaul to transform it into the luxury liner you see here.

A photo of the interior of the Omnia yacht.

Room for all my friends and at least six strangers. Photo: TWW Yachts

The process took 14 months and saw the ship get fitted with a new wheelhouse and main deck. The exterior decks were also rebuilt and the corridors were updated to bring more light into the vessel. To help with this, Omnia was also fitted with 50 new windows.

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Other big changes included the removal of the helipad and hanger, which was replaced with a boujie looking sun deck. There’s also a spa-like massage room onboard and the ship comes with its own cigar humidor. Fancy.

A photo of the Omnia yacht after the sun has gone down.

Sail off into the sunset with me. Photo: TWW Yachts

The changes to the boat mean that it now has space to accommodate 16 guests across five cabins and it has capacity for up to 20 crew members onboard.

If all that sounds like the perfect addition to your flotilla, then you’d better start saving as TWW Yachts is now brokering the sale of the yacht for a cool $24 million. This makes it more expensive than this 1956 Aston Martin DBR1 that sold at auction in 2017.