RV-Driving Q-Anon 'Queen Of Canada' Cult Leader Chased Out Of Town In Just 6 Hours

RV-Driving Q-Anon 'Queen Of Canada' Cult Leader Chased Out Of Town In Just 6 Hours

Romana Didulo, the Q-Anon so-called “Queen of Canada” seems to be striking out where ever her road-tripping cult tries to land. This week, they were chased out of a small town in Southeast Saskatchewan.

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Didulo and her dozen or so followers were chased out by the irate residents of Kamsack, Saskatchewan, on Wednesday over the course of about six hours, CBC News reports. Of course, Didulo’s convoy rolled up and its inhabitants displayed the charm they’ve become known for by telling locals they were about to be “educated” by the cult and challenging the authority of both the mayor and members of law enforcement:

Ken Thompson, the town’s chief of the volunteer fire department and bylaw enforcement, was the first town official to attend to the vehicles, which were parked on the downtown’s main street Wednesday morning.

A group of people were standing outside the vehicles, in front of a First Nations centre downtown, he said. People standing outside the centre were becoming agitated, as members of Didulo’s entourage informed them that they were going to be educated.

“They were going to clean up the town in one month,” Thompson recalled them saying.

“People just got more upset.”

Sherise Fountain, the town’s community safety officer and acting chief administrative officer, eventually joined Thompson at the scene.

She engaged with some of the followers, who informed her who was in the RV, although Didulo never exited the vehicle, Fountain said.

The crowd was growing and the tension was building, she said. Fountain called RCMP, town councillors and Mayor Nancy Brunt to the scene. An RCMP spokesperson told CBC News that officers from the Kamsack detachment were called around 11 a.m. CST to help keep the peace.

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The mayor encountered some of Didulo’s security guards when she arrived and asked them why they were in Kamsack, Brunt said. One of them questioned the mayor’s authority. Another said they were there “because God had given them this land.”

“You can’t come into a town and tell the mayor, the community safety officer and the RCMP — and people of town — that you’re in charge,” Brunt told CBC News.

“They were told, ‘No, you’re not in charge.’ I am the mayor. This is my town, I’m in charge. First Nations people said, ‘You are not our chief. You are not the chief of Canada. We do not recognize you in any way, shape or form.’”

The people of Kamsack then came together to protest the group’s presence. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police eventually provided a courtesy escort for Didulo and her caravan out of town

If you don’t know who Romana Didulo is, she’s the (seemingly) self-appointed Queen of Canada and ruler of the entire country. Her decrees, usually issued via the messaging app Telegram, include murdering healthcare workers who attempt to administer COVID-19 vaccines and an end to all utility bills and mortgage payments. She even redesigned the Canadian flag to a silver maple leaf on a royal purple field.

Didulo rode the Q-Anon wave to a position of some notoriety in the sub-culture, before committing a major faux pas at the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa in January of 2022. At the hyper nationalistic three-week shutdown of the capital, Didulo burned a Canadian flag. She was quickly rejected by the crowd, and has been road-tripping through the vast country of Canada ever since. Since then, those who have left the group report Didulo is overworking followers, making them live in unsanitary conditions, maintaining constant surveillance on followers, uniform clothing, and engaging in financial abuse; all hallmarks of a cult.

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Last time Didulo popped up on our radar it was in the small community of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, which had been recently devastated by a hurricane. She and her followers went to the town to prove that the hurricane was a government lie, though couldn’t quite pull that off when faced with roofless homes and debris scattered fields. Instead, they manipulated a vulnerable person into helping with their grift. The people there began blaring their car horns or playing loud metal music from their cars whenever they saw Didulo or her followers streaming videos while making a plea for money. 

If her goal is to unite the people of Canada, she’s doing a heck of a job in every small town she visits.