Scotland's electric Munro off-roader is tentatively headed to America

Scotland's electric Munro off-roader is tentatively headed to America

Scotland-based carmaker Munro has published photos of an electric, four-door off-roader aimed largely at commercial users. It designed the model with ruggedness and easy maintenance in mind, and it plans to sell its first car in the United States and Canada starting in 2023.

Visually, the body-on-frame Munro is characterized by a function-over-form design. It’s tall, boxy, and it sits high off the ground, while flat body panels and relatively simple parts like round headlights keep production costs in check. In other words, it’s more closely aligned with the trucks designed by Bollinger Motors than with, say, the GMC Hummer EV. Munro adds that it will offer multiple customization options.

Inside, there’s not a lot going on — and that’s intentional. Munro fitted its off-roader with individual front seats, a simple-looking flat dashboard, a three-spoke steering wheel, manual windows, and a tablet-like screen where you’d expect to find the instrument cluster.

Development work is ongoing, so the model’s specifications haven’t been finalized yet, but Munro quotes an output of 376 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque from an electric motor that spins the four wheels via a two-speed transfer case. Maximum driving range checks in at 168 miles, which is hardly a stellar figure, or about 16 hours of what the company calls “off-highway use.” Properly configured, the SUV can tow about 7,700 pounds and it offers a 2,200-pound payload. The drivetrain is compatible with 100-kilowatt fast charging technology.

Munro has started taking deposits for its electric SUV. Pricing in the United Kingdom starts at £75,000, which represents about $87,900 at the current conversion rate. Pricing for the American market hasn’t been announced yet, but the company has its sights set on our shores. It signed a deal with Wyre, a company that specializes in leasing electric cars, to distribute the model in North America starting in 2023. Autocar learned that Munro is targeting “Canadian forestry businesses, Floridian farms, Texan oil fields, and gold mines in Nevada.”

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