September 2023 Embroker Newsletter: What’s New at Embroker

State Workers Compensation Funds

The biggest insurance event on the planet is coming back to Las Vegas, NV. Once again, the Embroker team will be on the floor to talk insuretech, risk, industry trends, and everything in between. This event boasts 9,000+ industry attendees each year, with 400+ of the insurance industry’s most influential speakers.

This year, we have a special surprise: our very own Chief Insurance Officer, David Derigitois, will be one of those speakers.

His panel, Preparing for Catastrophic Risk: Insights from Recent Events and Emerging Threats, will also include speakers from Flexport, Anthemis Group, and The Bridge International on the first day of the conference, November 1st.

In a moderated discussion, the group aims to shed light on the evolving risk management landscape. Drawing from their experience insuring recent natural disasters, global pandemics, and emerging threats such as cyberattacks and climate change, this panel will provide attendees with invaluable insights into how the insurance sector can adapt and innovate to better protect businesses and individuals against the unexpected.

We are incredibly excited for David to share his insight with this talented group, as well as the attendees at this year’s InsureTech Connect Conference. Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates from the event, including pictures, videos, and quotes from the talk.

Demystifying Compliance & Regulations Webinar

Security and Compliance: How to Protect Your Organization

Every business owner knows how vital it is to stay on top of industry regulations while also protecting their organization. But navigating those choppy and complicated compliance waters can be easier said than done.

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It can feel a lot like all you’re doing is treading water.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Dashlane for a webinar that’s all about demystifying security compliance and regulations. The webinar was recorded on October 3rd, a great way to kick off Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Embroker’s VP of Insurance Products, Mike Maletsky, and Dashlane’s General Counsel, Davison Paull, answered the most commonly asked questions about compliance and shared insights into what it takes to secure your business. Attendees also learned how a password manager helps meet security and industry requirements.

In a recent Q&A, Mike and Davison were asked why people should care more about the future of cybersecurity. Mike explained: “In Embroker’s 2022 Cyber Risk survey, we found that 68% of founders surveyed had experienced a cyber attack on one of their businesses. But, interestingly enough, 50% of those also felt that their current insurance policies would only partially cover them in the event of an attack or breach. These findings showed me how quickly technology moves, as well as the need for end-to-end cybersecurity protection. Having insurance alone won’t solve all of your problems, nor will having only cybersecurity tools and technologies. These must work together to cover every cyber risk vector for businesses of all sizes.”

Is cyber risk on the rise?

Read our 2022 Cyber Risk Index Report to find out what businesses are worried about, how they’re protecting themselves, and what the future holds.

Download the Report

If you missed the live webinar, you can watch on-demand here. Also, check out some of Dashlane’s other great webinar content while you’re there.

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