Shoddy Officiating Is The Reason Chick Hicks Won The 2005 Piston Cup

Shoddy Officiating Is The Reason Chick Hicks Won The 2005 Piston Cup

We talk about racing a lot here at Jalopnik, but one race never gets mentioned, and it’s one of the biggest travesties in the history of auto racing: the 2005 Piston Cup. The race between Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks and The King was a complete farce — riddled with terrible sportsmanship and even worse officiating.

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I’ve always felt the race was a complete sham, but not until this TikTok video have I found someone as passionate as I am that Chick Hicks’ 2005 Piston Cup win should be vacated or have a huge asterisk put next to it (like the Astro’s 2017 World Series “win.” Those goddamn cheaters.)

Anyway, TikToker bayleyistrying laid out a comprehensive minute-and-a-half-long breakdown of just why the ‘05 Cup is a load of bullshit.

Fuck this guy.Image: Buena Vista Pictures

“The 2005 Piston Cup Final is the most corrupt event in sporting history,” he said right off the bat. It’s a strong start, but it’s also a very strong argument he’s about to make. He asserts that at “every single turn” the racing officials made dumb decisions that all — for the most part — seem to benefit Chick Hicks. Collusion or ineptitude? Hard to tell. Bayleyistrying asserts that there are five different times throughout the race where Hicks tries to literally kill McQueen and The King. How that doesn’t lead to a disqualification is beyond me.

Though to be fair, McQueen did benefit from stewards turning a blind eye as well. When he rejoins the race after pitting, he is well behind the safety car, but he speeds up at the end of pit lane to pass it. Dangerous move, Lightning.

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Even with this transgression, the race was clearly Lightning’s to win, but he learned a whole bunch of important lessons from his buddies in Radiator Springs and stopped short of the finish line. At least, that’s one theory. Bayleistrying says McQueen actually did this “so everyone would know how shitty the officiating is.”

“A classy move by Lightning, but not something that shouldn’t have had to happen in any other sport,” he said in the video.

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To make matters worse for the officiating team, there wasn’t even a review done after the race to make sure everything was kosher (which it wasn’t). This sort of racing malpractice is just inexcusable if you ask me.

“Chick Hicks is now a Piston Cup Winner — sullying the name of the Piston Cup,” he said.

Bayleistrying also wonders where Hicks was on January 6, and it’s a good question. He has the mustache and attitude of an insurrectionist.

“The fact that Chick Hicks is allowed to parade himself as a Piston Cup champion after 18 years of clear evidence that he completely cheated — it is astounding to me that a sport that wants to be taken seriously in this world cannot for a second consider that they might have been in the wrong,” Bayleistrying said to end his video.