Sierra Cars brings its range of Echo electric single-seaters to SEMA

Sierra Cars brings its range of Echo electric single-seaters to SEMA

Ken Block’s death in a snowmobiling accident at the beginning of the year meant he couldn’t make the do-over runs he’s planned to do at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Daughter Lia and wife Lucy showed up at the mountain to represent the family name, Lia making a demo run in the 1,400-horsepower, Porsche 911-based Hoonipigasus, Lucy making a proper racing entry in the top-tier Unlimited Class driving a battery-electric Sierra Echo. The hill climb was a coming out of sorts for Sierra Cars, the five-year-old maker of racing single seaters committing to electric powertrains and its Echo range. Previously, the firm made hay with the ICE-powered 700, Alpha, and record-setting RX3 that showed up in Forza Horizon 5. Sierra’s going to SEMA this month with its fleshed-out Echo lineup, including the limited-production Echo Block Edition that, with each sale, will make a contribution to the non-profit 43 Institute established after Ken Block’s death.

Every model is powered by an electric powertrain developed with Utah-based company Hypercraft, comprising an 18.6-kWh battery pack and single electric motor. Starting, like Drake, from the bottom, there’s the Echo, its Hypercraft R300Si e-motor turning the rear axle with 150 horsepower and 220 pound-feet of torque. This one rides on Fox 2.5 QS3 dampers providing 12 inches of travel to a set of steel wheels wrapped in knobby tires. Weighing 1,400 pounds, it reaches 60 miles per hour in a claimed 5.5 seconds, tops out at 80 miles per hour, and starts at $39,000.

Above that, the Echo R-Spec is described as a “race-spec rally/gymkhana inspired single-seater.” The RS300 motor spins faster than the one in the base model, running output up to a peak of 280 hp and 350 lb-ft. It’s got the same suspension and travel spec as the base, but the wheels are upgraded to aluminum and wrapped in 26-inch Yokohama Advan A305 Gravel Rally rubber. The beefier motor and extra kit help push the curb weight up to 1,500 pounds, but controlling the back end will be a little easier thanks to a Sadev differential and a quick-change gear for the transmission. The 60-mph sprint shrinks to 3.8 seconds, top speed climbs to “100+ mph.” The R-Spec starts at $74,900.

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Then there’s the limited-production Echo Block Edition. Almost the same fitment as the R-Spec, the difference being in the Exit shocks with external reservoirs by ZBroz Racing and two standard sets of tires, either Yokohama slicks or the Gravel Rallys. Sierra says this one is “optimized to race Pikes Peak,” but we assume owners will be able to find plenty of other suitable terrain for having a blast. The seven Block Edition examples Sierra plans to make are going to cost $85,000 apiece, a portion of that price going to the Block family’s 43 institute.

SEMA visitors can also visit the Hypercraft booth, where the electric powertrain maker will be showing its range of propulsion products and a few classic builds that use them. The powertrains include motors from as little as 306 hp to as much as 1,140 hp and 914 lb-ft, the classics count a 500-hp 1957 Chevrolet Corvette chassis built by Scared Shiftless and a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback with the full-fat 1,140 hp.  

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