Small Business Online Platforms, BiBerk & Simply Business, Partner

The two platforms have joined forces to offer workers’ comp across the country

Boston-based Simply Business, LCC, an online digital agency focused on the small business marketplace has announced a new partnership with biBERK, an online Berkshire Hathaway company also focused on the small business marketplace. Together, the two platforms plan to work togthether by offering online workers’ compensation products to small business owners across the country.

“We’re committed to helping small businesses grow by providing specially tailored insurance solutions, and this new partnership makes it easier for our customers to get exactly what they need,” said David Summers, Group CEO of Simply Business. “With the help of biBERK, we’re able to provide more comprehensive coverage to entrepreneurs across the country.”

Through this new partnership, small business owners can receive a biBERK workers’ compensation quote through the Simply Business website. They also have the option to digitally bind policies and speak to a licensed insurance agent to ensure that the coverage they’ve selected best meets the needs of their business.

This offering is currently available to small business owners in Washington D.C. and all 46 states where private carriers are eligible to operate.

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