Teenager Accused Of Conning Car Dealer Out Of $100K Arrested

Teenager Accused Of Conning Car Dealer Out Of $100K Arrested

A 19-year-old has been arrested by police in Oklahoma where he is accused of conning a car dealership out of nearly $100,000. Zachry Bailey was arrested by police on Sunday after he attempted to sell two used cars to a dealer earlier this year.

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According to the Fox News, Bailey visited a dealership back in April to try and sell them an Acura MDX. He then returned to the same dealership less than a month later to try and shift a Toyota Tundra.

When the dealership initially looked into the history of the two cars, they found that the Acura had just $1,713.23 outstanding and the Tundra had just $2,244 left to pay. As such, the dealer offered $48,000 for the Acura, agreeing to give Bailey a check for $46,272.97, and priced the Tundra at $66,500 and sent the teenager $64,256.

However, all was not as it seemed and Bailey hadn’t paid off the vehicles to the extent he initially claimed. Fox News reports:

The charging docs said it was discovered later that Bailey made fraudulent transfers on the outstanding balances of the Acura and Toyota loans the day before selling the vehicles.

About two days after the vehicles were sold, the transfers made by Bailey were reverted and the amount owed appeared in full.

As a result, the banks would not release the titles because the loan payoff was outstanding.

Bailey reverted his payments on an Acura MDX. Photo: Acura

After the scheme was uncovered, an arrest warrant for Bailey was issued on August 1st and he was taken into custody by Apache Police on August 12. Following his arrest, it materialized that he is also wanted for questioning by law enforcement in other states. The NYP reports that Bailey allegedly falsely impersonated a doctor and obtained various expensive items such as housing, vehicles, and jewelry.

The teenager now remains in custody at the Caddo County Jail, where he is being held on a $200,000 bond.