The Best Black Friday Portable Air Compressor Deals For 2023

The Best Black Friday Portable Air Compressor Deals For 2023

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Even though compressed air machines are readily available at many local gas stations, far too many people are still driving around on under-inflated tires. According to, “If a vehicle’s tires are under-inflated by only 6 psi … the tire’s tread life could be reduced by as much as 25%.” Why leave money on the table by allowing your tires to wear more quickly? It’s easy to keep them pumped up with a portable tire inflator! Thanks to these Black Friday portable air compressor deals, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever. Starting at under $30, these Black Friday sales could save you a trip to the gas station for a top-off or a call to AAA for a tow.

$17.49 at Amazon

Key features

Plugs into your car outlet
11.9-foot power cord
Automatically turns off once the pre-set pressure has been achieved
Includes built-in LED lighting
Includes three additional nozzles for sports balls, air mattresses, bike tires and more
“Not applicable for any large vehicles with tire pressure > 50 psi and tire width > 245 MM such as trucks, vans and off-road vehicles”

The VacLife tire inflator plugs into your car’s 12V power outlet with an 11.9-foot power cord to get its juice. It has automatic shutoff capability once it hits your preset PSI level, a built-in LED flashlight, and comes with three additional nozzles for inflatables like sports equipment, bike tires and more. This one is a great budget option but won’t work for large vehicles with tire pressure greater than 50 psi or tire width greater than 245 mm like some trucks and off-road vehicles.

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$23.99 at Amazon

Key features

Plugs into your car outlet
14-foot long power cord
Includes three nozzle attachments for sports balls, air mattresses, bike tires and more
Includes a built-in LED flashlight for nighttime emergencies
Includes a one-year warranty
Includes carrying case

The FORTEM air compressor stores its 14-foot power cable within itself, making it super portable. The cable itself plugs right into your car’s cigarette lighter port. This inflator comes with multiple attachments for car and bike tires, inflatable toys and more, and has a built-in LED flashlight. Like many others, the FORTEM has automatic shutoff functionality and allows you to set your desired PSI before starting your inflation. It even comes with a 1-year warranty! Learn more about the FORTEM right here.

$29.97 at Amazon

Key features

Best-selling air compressor on Amazon
Plugs into the 12-volt DC lighter port 
Includes additional valve adapters for sports balls, air mattresses, bike tires and more
Does not support truck tires
Includes a built-in LED flashlight
Automatically turns off once the pre-set pressure has been achieved

The EPAuto air compressor is one of the most popular options out there. It plugs into your car’s 12-volt lighter socket, comes with additional valve adapters for things like basketballs, inflatables, etc., features an automatic shutoff and has a built-in LED flashlight, like so many others. Also, like many of the more portable tire inflator options, this one isn’t recommended for trucks or larger vehicles. Be aware that this air compressor actually has the shortest power cord on our list, clocked at only about 9 feet by a helpful answerer in Amazon’s Q&A section, so if you like a little more slack, this might not be the best choice for you. 

$31.98 at Amazon

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Key features

Plugs into a car’s 12-volt cigarette lighter port or a 110/120-volt wall plug
10.5″ power cord
Includes four nozzle adaptors for use with cars, RVs, motorcycles, air mattresses, bike tires and more
Accuracy of shown pressure is +/- 3 psi
Up to 150 psi
Automatically turns off once the pre-set pressure has been achieved
Features a bright backlit LCD display

The TEROMAS tire inflator is a great choice because it can plug into your car’s 12-volt cigarette lighter plug or a 110/120-volt wall outlet. It can inflate a P195/65R15 tire from 0 to 35 psi in under 4 minutes. The auto-off function automatically turns off the pump once it reaches your desired preset pressure value. This compressor, like many, has a digital display that conveniently shows your tire’s current pressure and a built-in LED flashlight. It comes with three additional adapters and can be used with cars, motorcycles, bikes, air mattresses, balls and more. Learn more here.

$56.09 at Amazon

Key features

Powered by a rechargeable battery pack or a 12-volt car power adapter (option to be totally cordless)
For use with car tires, motorcycle tires, bike tires, inflatable sports balls, pool toys and more
Not suitable for large truck tires
Accuracy of shown pressure is +/- 1 psi
Automatically turns off once the preset pressure has been achieved
Includes a carrying bag, air tap and inflating needle

This Avid Power tire inflator is a multi-purpose cordless pump that can be used with most tires, inflatable sports balls and more. It’s a little more expensive than the others on our list, but it’s also a little more convenient, since it doesn’t need to be plugged in. If its battery pack happens to be out of juice when you need it, it also comes with a 12-volt power adapter that can be used to plug it in. The compressor has an automatic stop function with an indicated pressure accuracy of +/- 1 psi, a built-in LED light and comes with its very own tool bag. Be aware that this compressor, like many others, isn’t suitable for large truck tires.

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$25.59 at Amazon

Key features

#1 best-seller rank on Amazon (over 62,000 user ratings)
Inflates at a rate of 35L/Min
Programmable for automatic fill-ups
Integrated LED light for better night-time visibility
Comes with one replacement fuse and 3 additional nozzles
Great for cars, bikes, balls, and inflatables

This AstroAI portable air compressor comes with three nozzles and will work with any Schrader valve on cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and bicycles. It can pump up tires at a speed of 35 L/Min and can inflate 195/55/R15 tires from 0 to 35 psi in under 5 minutes. The gauge is professionally calibrated to show a reading within 1.5% of your actual tire pressure and is even programmable, so you can just set your desired pressure and let the machine do the work. It’s got a large, backlit screen that displays pressure units like PSI, kPa, BAR or KG/CM. There’s also a built-in flashlight for if you’re working in the dark. The included accessory adapters will also allow you to also use this inflator on balls, air mattresses, balloons, and other small inflatables.

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