The Best Budget Track Cars for Beginners, According to You

The Best Budget Track Cars for Beginners, According to You

A photo of a red Ford Mustang from the 1990s.

Photo: Ford

“Man, there are so many different schools of thought to what makes a good track car. FWD? AWD? RWD? Theres probably four or five of each of those that would be perfect. Is it a DEDICATED track car, or something you daily and also track? It’s just so wide open.

“But If I had to pick just one, I think I would probably go with whatever Mustang one could afford. From a 2,500 dollar rusted out Fox to a decent 7-8k SN95 to a $25k S550, there’s something for every budget.

“You have decent power, but not so much that you get into real trouble. You have a twitchy rear end that will teach you a little bit of restraint through corners. You have replacement parts at every parts store in town. You have enough trunk space to haul consumables and tools to the track. A backseat is there should you need it. Insurance isn’t terrible. The aftermarket is enormous, and the cars themselves are plentiful.

“I have nothing but personal disdain for Ford products, but there’s only one nameplate that has cars that can lose to a Geo metro, or lap a 911. That’s the Mustang.”

It sounds like there might be a Mustang for every occasion and every budget! That’s before Ford has even released its next wave of track-focused Mustangs.

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