The best remote starter kits of 2023

The best remote starter kits of 2023

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Many new cars have a push-button start ignition and remote start functions that can be activated from the key fob. Older models don’t have this feature and have to use a turn-key ignition to start the engine. With the help of a remote starter kit, you can start any car with the touch of a button within its connected range. Some can be connected yourself by following the instructions, while some need professional installation. Here are the best remote starter kits for cars available on Amazon.

$22.93 at Amazon

Key features

Can be started on either side of the vehicle
High-current capacity
5 ft wire
Oil and grease-resistant
Red indicator light when connected to a hot circuit

This Performance Tool Heavy Duty Remote Starter allows you to start the vehicle from either side of the car. This starter has a 5-foot 12-gauge wire that is resistant to oil and grease. The high current capacity is able to provide longevity and reliability for this device.

$48.99 at Amazon

Key features

Auto central lock after driving
Anti-theft security system
Emergency shutoff
125 dB alarm
Trunk release
Must be installed by a qualified automotive service technician

This Banvie Car Alarm System With Remote Starter Kit allows you to start your car remotely and act as an alarm in an emergency. This is a very complex alarm system, so it’s highly recommended that you don’t install it yourself and have a certified automotive service technician handle it.

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$99.99 at Amazon

Key features

Compatible with push-to-start and key-to-start vehicles
Not compatible with hybrid, manual vehicles made outside of the USA
No-honk remote start
Easy to install

This Start-X Remote Starter Kit comes in many different variants to be compatible with most cars on the market. This starter kit is easy to install and doesn’t require professional installation. One thing to consider about this starter is that it doesn’t work with hybrids or manual vehicles made outside of the United States.

$99.95 at Amazon

Key features

Plug-in T-harness
Not compatible with hybrid vehicles
Takes up to 15 minutes to install
Preloaded firmware
Free expert technical support

The MPC Remote Start Kit comes with all of the parts you need. The Plug-n-Play wire harness removes the need to connect complex wiring. You just have to remove the steering column cover to access the connection points and plug it in. MPC offers technical support from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 24/7 web-based support.

$119.99 at Amazon

Key features

Works an alarm and remote start system
1,500 ft maximum range
Dual-stage shock sensor
105 dB alarm
1-year remote warranty
Limited lifetime system warranty

This system works as an alarm and as a remote starter. The device has an upgraded antenna that has a range up to 1,500 feet. 

How to install a remote starter system

Always make sure you read your instructions thoroughly before attempting to install an aftermarket starter system. Some systems are more complex than others and need to be installed by a professional technician. If you have a system that you can install yourself, always be certain the car is shut off completely before getting started. Here is a YouTube tutorial from Mobile Edge on how to install a remote car starter.

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Can remote starters work on manual transmissions?

Yes, they can, but it is much more complicated. According to Audio Motive, “Safety is the biggest concern when it comes to installing remote starters on manual transmissions. Most manual-transmission vehicles use a mechanical shift linkage that doesn’t have a wired sensor for remote starters to verify that a car is in neutral gear”.

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