The Cheapest Tesla Model Y Is Apparently No Longer Available

The Cheapest Tesla Model Y Is Apparently No Longer Available

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If you were hoping to score the cheapest Tesla Model Y, you’re out of luck for now. InsideEvs reports that the base version of the popular Model Y crossover is gone from Tesla’s online configurator.

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The entry-level Model Y came in one configuration: all-wheel drive with dual motors. And at $49,130, it was the cheapest Model Y Tesla offered. It was also the only one of the Model Y’s configurations that was assembled at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin; the others were assembled at the company’s Fremont factory.

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The loss of the entry Model Y leaves just two others for buyers to choose from. The new entry point is the $50,490 Model Y Long Range with 330 miles of range and the $54,490 Model Y Performance with 303 miles of range.

No one knows why Tesla dropped the model. The company’s modus operandi is to seemingly do things for no reason without saying anything to anyone except themselves, especially the press. This seems to be another one of those times. Some, like InsideEvs and MotorTrend is speculating that the move has something to do with the start of Cybertruck production, which is plausible. From MotorTrend:

The Model Y uses Tesla’s 4680 battery cells which are likely the same cells that will power the Cybertruck. Considering the anticipation for the stainless steel electric truck, it wouldn’t be illogical to assume that Tesla wants as many 4680 cells as possible going toward Cybertruck production.

Still, the base Model Y trim could suddenly come back tomorrow without warning, because this is Tesla we’re dealing with. Until then it looks as if the Model Y isn’t as cheap as it once was, on paper at least.

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