The Easiest Way to Find New Car Insurance

The Easiest Way to Find New Car Insurance


When your insurance bill arrives, do you wish you had time to find new car insurance? If you’re like most people, the answer is yes. However, shopping for insurance is not something anyone looks forward to doing. That’s why most people stay with the same company year after year. Even when their insurance price keeps going up and up.

What Type of New Car Insurance do You Need?

For most consumers, the starting point for insurance is price. Actually, the starting point when shopping for insurance should not be price. Price is important. But, so is quality. After all, your life savings depends on having a good insurance company. That puts a lot of importance on the quality of the insurance. Fortunately, good quality insurance doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot of money.

Find out about the quality of your insurance by clicking the button below. We will send you a ValChoice report on any company you wish. This is our premium report (ratings for value, claims handling and service). For readers of this post, this premium report is free. Usually it would cost you $9.95.


Easy Ways to Find New Car Insurance

With the free report above, you now know what you have. Here are three options for how to shop based on what you learned

Current Insurer Sells High Quality Insurance

If it’s good insurance, you probably want to stay with that company. However, you may want to do some due diligence to make sure the price is fair. For that, use our car insurance calculator. This is not a quote. It does show you the common inputs for pricing insurance and how they impact you.

Use the ValChoice car insurance calculator to understand car insurance pricing.


Current Insurer is Okay, but You Want the Best

Some people just want the best. Considering insurance is your last line of defense when things go wrong, that makes sense. For a sports analogy, think of insurance as the goal tender for your financial life. If you don’t want just any goalie, but want the best, click the button below. Our best insurance company pages will list the best companies in your state.


Do You Want Some Guidance in Making the Decision

Other people may want someone to help guide them through the process. An agent can provide this important service. However, when it comes to paying a claim, the agent doesn’t have much say. Make sure you choose a company that rates well for claims handling. Click the button below for an independent agent near you that represents high-quality insurance companies.


Now You Can Find New Car Insurance the Same Way You Find Everything – the Internet

In the same way you shop for a movie, new clothing or a car, now the data you need to find car insurance is on the internet. Best of all, we’re not one of the companies paid by the insurance companies to provide glowing, “independent” analysis. We don’t even sell insurance and get a commission. Instead, we really are independent and unbiased. In fact, we’re the only source of truly independent, unbiased data.


About Dan Karr

Dan has been a CEO or Vice President for high-technology companies for over 20 years. While working as a Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales for a technology company, Dan was seriously injured while commuting to work. After dealing with trying to get insurance companies to pay his significant medical bills, or to settle a claim so Dan could pay the medical bills, he became intimately aware of the complexity of insurance claims. Dan founded ValChoice to pay forward his experience by bringing consumers, insurance agents and financial advisors easy-to-understand analysis needed to know which insurance companies provide the best price, protection — claims handling — and service.