The F1 Drivers Who Racked Up the Most Retirements in Their Careers

The F1 Drivers Who Racked Up the Most Retirements in Their Careers

Nigel Mansell, one of our featured drivers on this list, gives Ayrton Senna a lift after the 1991 British Grand Prix.Photo: Pascal Rondeau/Allsport (Getty Images)

When we celebrate Formula 1 history, we tend to go for the positives: The drivers with the highest win rates, or the most World Championships, or the greatest skill. But motorsport is a fickle beast, and today, I want to talk about that. Specifically, I want to talk about the drivers that have racked up the most race retirements in their careers.

I’ve ranked these by number of retirements in a career — not by the percentage of retirements to the driver’s career starts (though I did include those stats too, just because they’re fun). I’ve also included the first and last retirements for each driver. As a result, there aren’t tons of drivers from the early eras of F1 included here, since there just weren’t as many races in an F1 calendar back then.

This includes every retirement a driver has made as well: both where the driver was technically classified as having finished the race because, despite retiring, he had completed 90 percent of the race distance; and in cases where the car was disqualified after the race.

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