The Fun Police Catch A Kid Trying To Ride The Baggage Conveyors At Santiago Airport

The Fun Police Catch A Kid Trying To Ride The Baggage Conveyors At Santiago Airport

This looks fun. Screenshot: Pamela Martel via TikTok

Who among us can honestly say they haven’t looked at a baggage carousel and wanted to jump onboard for a little ride around an airport? Well now one brave kid in Santiago has done just that, but their ride was cut short when they were caught by the fun police.

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A young child was spied climbing onto a luggage belt at Santiago International Airport while nobody was looking, reports Business Insider. The child reportedly snuck into the baggage handling system by climbing behind an empty check in desk and hooping onboard one of the belts.

Their adventurous antics were all caught on security cameras stationed around the baggage handling area. As such, we’ve been treated to a delightful glimpse into their airport fun courtesy of Pamela Martel on TikTok. As Business Insider reports:

“In scenes reminiscent of “Toy Story 2″ — as pointed out by the clip’s soundtrack — the kid ends up in the airport’s restricted area.

The footage, which appears to be filmed from security cameras, cuts through different angles of the child traveling on the moving conveyor belt. The child, who hasn’t been named, does not appear unduly worried by his adventure.

To stop the kid’s fun, airport workers at Santiago International were able to halt the belts ferrying luggage across the site. They then took him off the luggage carousel and returned them to their parents. Security officers at the airport haven’t taken any responsibility for the lapse that meant the child was able to hop behind the scenes with ease. Instead, they released a statement following the incident arguing that it was airline workers’ fault that the child could so easily hop into the baggage system.

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“We are collecting all the information to determine how this situation occurred,” said the airport in the statement. It added that steps would now be taken to “reinforce safety measures and protocols” at the airport.