The Nintendo Switch Is Getting Another NASCAR Game

The Nintendo Switch Is Getting Another NASCAR Game

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Racing games are tricky to run. As it turns out, simulating all of the world’s physics involves a lot of math — a lot of calculation, which takes a lot of computing power. Look no further than Forza Horizon 5, and its not inconsiderable minimum spec requirements.

This makes it difficult to run modern, high fidelity games on anything less than the highest-tier hardware. So, when a new game like NASCAR Rivals is announced, for a console like the Nintendo Switch, you start to wonder: How is this going to work?

This is a 4k image. All the graininess, the pixellation, the blocky colors — that’s all from the video itself.

The Nintendo Switch is a great console in many ways. It’s portable, expansible, and most of all accessible. But its focus on cost and stylized, family-focused games has tradeoffs. The Switch is an underpowered console, unable to run many modern AAA games, and far divorced from the Forza/Gran Turismo duopoly. So what does a racing game for the Switch look like?

So far, it’s tough to tell. Developer/publisher Motorsport Games has only released a single trailer for NASCAR Rivals so far, and it is… lacking. A few shots of cars in a dark room, rendered in low quality, but without the standard “footage rendered in game engine” disclaimer.

NASCAR Rivals | Announcement Trailer

The trailer shows off the cars, in their season-accurate liveries, but no gameplay or tracks. The message is clear: This is a NASCAR game, and the branding comes first — gameplay comes second. With only one week before preorders open, will that branding be enough to sell games?

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Motorsport Games promised gameplay footage on August 24, the same day that preorders open. With any luck, the gameplay will exceed expectations for Nintendo’s low-powered console.