The Subaru WRX TR Is Probably The One You Want

The Subaru WRX TR Is Probably The One You Want

Photo: Subaru

When the current-generation Subaru WRX dropped, people were confused. The STi had vanished, and the fanciest bits of trim were reserved for cars with a CVT: The Recaros and the electronic suspension, both locked away from buyers looking to row their own. Now, it seems Subaru is starting to right that wrong — bringing more of the WRX’s best to the manual.

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The company introduced a new TR trim for the WRX today, which brings a few updates to the car. Re-tuned dampers, stiffer springs, adjusted steering feel — all the little tweaks that don’t show up on a spec sheet, but make the car feel better from the driver’s seat. But that seat itself may be the biggest change coming with the TR: The Recaros have landed in manual-transmission cars.

The TR seems to be the most sport-focused trim available on the WRX, and the seats are a testament to that — more bolstering to hold you in place in the corners, utlrasuede centers to grip your track-day-mandated long pants. But the go-fast mods don’t stop with the interior: The TR gets Brembo brakes front and rear, and loses its sunroof to lower its center of gravity. It’s the enthusiast spec, for a stalwart enthusiast car.

Of course, being a Subaru, it still comes with the standard suite of safety tech that all falls under the EyeSight wrapper. Subaru claims this is the first time the full EyeSight kit has been offered with a stick, which seems like a hopeful point for the future — the brand can keep marketing on safety without fully eschewing the manual gearbox.

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Subaru claims pricing for the WRX TR will come out later this year, and that the car will hit dealerships early in 2024. If you’re looking to buy a WRX, this is probably the one to own.