The Very Real Piss Jugman Is On A Mission To Clean Up Truck Stops

The Very Real Piss Jugman Is On A Mission To Clean Up Truck Stops

Image: Celina 52 Truck Stop

Truckers may not get as much attention as other blue-collar workers, but the economy would literally collapse without them. Unfortunately, like in many industries, companies aren’t exactly willing to pay them enough and put a ton of pressure on them to do more work for less pay. Which means they don’t always have time to do things like take time to stop and pee in an actual bathroom. That leads to them relieving themselves in bottles, which they also don’t always take the time to dispose of properly.

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But if you’ve been frustrated by the number of piss jugs you’ve been seeing at truck stops lately, the very real, not at all fake Celina 52 Truck Stop, the only truck stop serving the Weaber Valley Region, is ready to clean things up with the new mascot that no one knew we needed. Meet Piss Jugman.

Piss Jugman, who is also definitely a real mascot and not Photoshopped one bit, is pissed that so many truckers are leaving their piss jugs around truck stops. He’s here to make sure you know that “urine trouble” if you don’t throw them away properly. And even better, he’s willing to pose for pictures with your kids as long as you pay him $5.

What Piss Jugman will do if he finds you dropping your piss jugs in the parking lot instead of throwing them out, we’re not exactly sure. Piss on you? Dunk you in a giant piss jug? Waterboard you with piss? Anything is a possibility, but we sure know we wouldn’t want to risk finding out. Just look at that face. That build. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Piss Jugman is not someone you want to piss off. So make sure you properly dispose of your piss jugs. Or else.

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