These Are the Cars That Got the Worst Facelifts

These Are the Cars That Got the Worst Facelifts

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Hands down, the 2006 Refresh of the Ram 1500. The 02-05 model was handsome, understated, and for the period, the interior was outstanding. (a lot of the things that make the current gen such a great design were true of that 03-05 model)

Then in 2006, Chrysler’s overlords apparently decided the Ram was just too nice of a vehicle, and there was no sense in spending money on nice interiors when trucks printed money no matter what. What happened next was a travesty. They changed all the interior to harder plastics, and the handsome, curvy, slim, black dashboard was replaced by extremely light gray and tan colors that looked like they were faded before being installed, and the new dashboard shape looked like it was designed by a 7 year old. With an Etch-A-Sketch. Riding down a hill in a radio flyer. The seats went from being the most comfortable truck seats to easily the least comfortable. Seriously, sit a pillow on a park bench and you have those seats.

Worse still, on the exterior, they expanded the grille size, and enlarged the headlights by doubling their height and pulling the lights up over the fenders, which was a styling choice that looked horrible on a car, it was appalling on a truck.

It was just awful.

This one got the most upvotes, and it’s not hard to see why. Actually, it still sort of is, because as Caddywompis explained much of what was awful about this mid-gen Ram refresh was visible only from the inside.

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