These Are the Chinese Cars that You Would Buy

These Are the Chinese Cars that You Would Buy

This is an easy question. I live in Beijing (but drive an American car), and see local made cars every day, and have seen the rapid development of style and features.

From just a few years ago when the cars were copies or slightly better than a Tata Nano (BYD F0 for example) to now where they are higher quality, uniquely styled (even though I don’t care for the styling) and much more efficient (by friend just bought a BYD Yuan Plus and they can’t stop raving about it), the local car manufactures have really started to up their game.

All of that being said, I am pretty old school at heart, and if I could only take one of the ridiculous amount of cars that China makes, it would be the Hong Qi L5. I very rarely see them on the streets but they appeal to my American aesthetic, of a big imposing car that can eat up the miles in comfort. Some tasteful mods make things even better.

Like this one I spotted at a car show a few years ago in Beijing.

If not this one then, the oldschool original one would be ok, however, I think that it would require a lot of maintenance as they were basically all hand build during the cultural revolution and the few I see are usually not running or need work.

Finally, I have a friend who’s husband worked for the US Embassy, while there were here he rebuilt a Beijing 4X4 (not Jeep, but we just call them Beijing Jeeps, not sure of the actual name now that I think about it…) and brought it back to the states with him.

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You might be thinking to yourself, “Hey, didn’t the Hongqi already make the list? That dumb idiot just put the same car on here twice.” But while I may be a dumb idiot, I actually did not put the same car on here twice. The L5’s front end just looks like the CA770’s front end. Chinese automakers are allowed to have a thing for retro styling, too, you know.