These Are The New Cars Sit On Dealer Lots The Longest

These Are The New Cars Sit On Dealer Lots The Longest

Photo: Krisztian Bocsi (Getty Images)

Some used car prices are going down slowly and supply chain disruptions are abating, but buying a new car is still a headache. At least that’s the case for those looking to buy popular cars like the Toyota Rav4 or full size trucks from Ford, Chevy and Ram. But, certain other cars are just sitting on dealer lots, and savvy buyers can use this to their advantage in some cases, as Car and Driver reports.

The new cars languishing on lots are mostly in the luxury segment, which has lately seen the biggest sales slump, according to Jalopnik’s car-buying expert, Tom McParland.

The longer a car sits at a dealership, the more those same dealers are willing to pass on savings to buyers for the sake of keeping flow of inventory (and sales) going. The following cars are mostly sitting on lots for over 100 days on average, per Black Book data. That gives you about three months to scheme up a way into these slow-selling cars, which are ranked in descending order from most to least days sitting on dealer lots.

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