These Are The Only Six Cars You Can Get A Deal On

These Are The Only Six Cars You Can Get A Deal On

Image: Chrysler

So many global events have conspired to create a new car market that is difficult to navigate for, and occasionally downright hostile to, buyers. In the year ending June 2023 the average new car sale was 8.5 percent above MSRP, those MSRPs continued to grow by some 7.4 percent, and transaction prices continued trending upward. According to data from iSeeCars, just six cars saw their transaction prices trend below MSRP in that 12 month period. So if you were looking for a deal on anything, where would you go?

In a year that saw Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds selling for 31 percent over MSRP, Ford Mavericks at 19.7 percent over sticker, and BMW X1s trading at 17.8 percent over, you’d be forgiven for thinking the answer is ‘nowhere’. You’re partially correct. There weren’t very many good deals to be had on new cars, and even if you could find something under MSRP, you were almost sure to get a horrid interest rate.

So let’s dig in and find out which six cars you could get for less than the number on the window.

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