These Are The Worst Truck Trends of 2023

These Are The Worst Truck Trends of 2023

For the 30th year in a row, it’s Model Bloat.

A neighbor has a new Silverado. Next to him is a guy with a square body GMC from the early 80s (square headlights). It’s stunning how much taller, wider and longer then new Silverado compared to the 40 year old truck it started with.

I’ve seen a LOT of Model Bloat for a lot of vehicles. But the Trucks are insane. I’ll beat that old square body GMC would be dwarfed by a Mavrick.


Length 192 inches vs 199.7 inches

width 79 inches vs 83.5 inches (with mirrors)

Height 69 inches vs 68.7 inches

Yeap, an early 80s C1500 is smaller than a 2023 Maverick. But I don’t know if I would say “dwarfed”


Trucks were so damn useful back in the day. Easy to load, easy to unload, carry about anything, especially if you had the 8 ft bed. I remember climbing over the sides of my dad’s 79 C-10 to help load and unload when there was someone using the Tailgate.

But now, with the beds well over twice as high and half as long, its a bitch to load and unload. Sure today’s trucks can carry a lot more weight, but unless you are selling scrap lead, I don’t see how you can overload a typical modern full size truck given the small bed.

And here’s the weird thing. Driving dad’s pickup, even when he had the short bed 79, and it felt fricking HUGE. So long, so tall, so wide. You felt like Gulliver. I’ve driven modern full sized trucks, and it’s 100 times worse and I hate that feeling with a passion.