These cities tweet about road rage more than anywhere else

These cities tweet about road rage more than anywhere else

Distracted driving is a problem, and it’s one that lawmakers have attempted to address through phone bans and other legislation. But it’s far from the only one. Road rage is equally as dangerous and can easily lead to a deadly situation for those involved and anyone near them on the road. Get Circuit recently conducted a Twitter survey to find the cities that have the most posts with the hashtag #roadrage. 

Before you say it, yes, multiple Florida cities are on the list. But some of the other road rage-heavy regions might come as a surprise. The publication’s survey also investigated demographics and perceptions around road rage incidents.

With 500 hashtags per 100,000 people, Eugene, Ore., was the city with the most hash-tagged road rage incidents, followed by Atlanta with 336. Orlando, Fla., came in third with 273 hashtags per 100,000 people, suggesting that Disney World is not, in fact, the happiest place on Earth. Others on the list include Cincinnati, Ohio, with 142 hashtags; Knoxville, Tenn., with 131; and Denver, Colo., with 99.

Road rage is a serious problem that can often end in violence. The IIHS noted that 66 percent of traffic fatalities were caused by aggressive driving, and NHTSA said that since 2013 around 300 people have died due to road rage. AAA found that there are 30 road rage-related murders each year, and there are endless similar stats.

Those are disturbing numbers, and looking at the cities with the most road rage hashtags, it’s easy to see how many situations could boil over into violence. Texas has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the world, allowing almost anyone under 21 to carry a gun without a permit. States like Tennessee, Alabama and others are high on the list for adult gun-related fatalities, too, so there’s cause for concern.

Men were believed to be most responsible for road rage, but women rated other women as bigger initiators of angry driving. The Get Circuit survey found that 40% of drivers admitted to speeding, and 24% admitted to using angry hand gestures. Thankfully, more dangerous activities rate lower on the list, such as tailgating, where 16% confirmed, and brandishing a weapon, which only 4% of drivers admitted doing. An alarming 65% of drivers admit to carrying weapons in their vehicles to keep them safe. Half said they carried a knife, while 40% carried a gun.

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