Top Gear Isn't Canceled, For Now

Top Gear Isn't Canceled, For Now

If you love cars, you’ve likely seen at least a few episodes of Top Gear. Fans of the 46-year-long running show were shocked over the weekend to hear their favorite automotive show was canceled, and then, apparently, not cancelled.

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Thursday 2:43PM

Last we heard back in May, Top Gear filming was suspended indefinitely following the serious crash of one of the newer presenters, Freddie Flintoff, which made this weekend quite the emotional rollercoaster ride for fans.

Originally hosted by the trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, the Top Gear focuses on everything from high-end sports cars to the trusty (and occasionally tipsy) three-wheeled Reliant Robin. A new batch of presenters were brought in after the always controversial Clarkson was fired for fighting with a producer, causing the other two presenters to drop out as well. BBC brought in several new Top Gear stars, including Cricket star and TV personality Flintoff.

Flintoff was seriously injured in a crash at the show’s dedicated test track in Surrey, England, while filming Top Gear some 10 months ago. Producers suspended the show and, it seems, delayed shooting indefinitely, though the BBC is insisting no such decision has been reached regarding the show. Here’s where the confusion comes in, according to Deadline:

It was reported Friday that, 10 months after Freddie Flintoff suffered facial injuries and broken ribs in a crash at the show’s dedicated test track in Dunsfold, Surrey, southern England, the broadcaster had advised crew members to look elsewhere for work. The show is one of the BBC’s longest running and most successful.

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This weekend, however, a spokesperson said: “A decision on the timing of future Top Gear shows will be made in due course with BBC Content.”

It is understood that an internal review into health and safety measures during production is ongoing.

Probably a good idea to take a second, third or even 56th look at those safety measures. Flintoff was reportedly hesitant to drive the car that injured him on the day of his crash, due to weather conditions, yet production still moved forward. It would be sad to see this staple of automotive enthusiasm disappear, but nothing lasts forever and nearly 50 years on air is a hell of a run.