Toyota EPU is a Maverick-size electric pickup we really want

Toyota EPU is a Maverick-size electric pickup we really want

Electric pickup trucks are popping up everywhere. But they’re all enormous. The smallest out so far is the Rivian R1T, and even it isn’t quite small, or affordable for that matter. And that’s partly why we really, really want to see the Toyota EPU greenlit for production.

Toyota just revealed this little electric truck (and its EPU name presumably stands for Electric Pick Up) for the Tokyo Show. It’s clean and simple. It looks like it gets a little wider toward the bottom, giving it some robustness. The contrast roof and upswept rear windows add some visual flair. And it sure looks like it could go into production with minimal changes. 

It’s a genuinely little pickup, too. At 199.6 inches long, it’s almost exactly the length of a Ford Maverick. It’s also about an inch lower in height and a couple inches wider. Those measurements we doubt are coincidental, especially considering the unibody, quad-cab arrangement. It does have a full 10 inches more space between the wheels, though, which might yield a bit more interior space.

Toyota was probably able to squeeze out that extra wheelbase since the EPU is electric. No specs were given, but electric powertrains certainly provide much more flexibility for vehicle layout. And on the topic of flexibility, the EPU shows off some nifty tricks. The rear tailgate can sort of fold in half when lowered to extend the bed and still have a backstop to keep stuff from coming out. Toyota also hinted at a sort of mid-gate function like the Chevy Silverado EV. But we can’t tell if the rear window will come out, too, for a full pass-through.

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The interior looks quite utilitarian. Almost the entire dash has been set up to function as a divided shelf for all sorts of odds and ends. An interesting mix of materials are on display in blocky shapes. A steering yoke, for better or worse, is included, and the shifter and other drive buttons are mounted between the two floating screens.

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