Toyota Land Cruiser, Tacoma builds storm into SEMA 2023

Toyota Land Cruiser, Tacoma builds storm into SEMA 2023

Toyota is leaning hard into its latest truck and SUV releases with its pile of 2023 SEMA builds. The new 2024 Toyota Tacoma and 2024 Land Cruiser nameplates will both be in the spotlight in Las Vegas, each with two custom trucks to show for it. The Tacoma sticks to modern interpretations of pickup truck goodness, while the Land Cruiser gets two crazy throwback builds meant to tie into its storied 4×4 history. 

FJ Bruiser

The FJ Bruiser started life as a 1966 FJ45 pickup; what you see here is something else entirely. The build list is, well, extensive, but so is its badassery. Toyota says the build was inspired by King of the Hammers, and we can see why. This is one heck of a 4×4 fever dream realized. 

FJ Retro Cruiser

The Retro Cruiser returns! That’s right. Toyota has shown this concept before, but it’s back after some TLC and a spit shine. 

Tacoma X-Runner Concept

On to the pickups! As we noted above, the Tacoma builds are based on the new pickup, and while they may be lacking that vintage wow factor, they’re not wanting for attention. This “slammed street machine” takes the performance pickup concept 180 degrees from convention. 

The Blue Beetle Tacoma

Toyota is calling this is “zero to suphero” build, inspired by the 2023 film staring Jaime Reyes.

Toyota’s builds will sit alongside a collection of its current production models at the Las Vegas Convention Center Central Hall, Booth No. 22200, from Oct. 31 through Nov. 3.

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