Toyota Rangga concept previews a rudimentary and versatile truck

Toyota Rangga concept previews a rudimentary and versatile truck

Toyota continues to sell the 70-Series Land Cruiser in some global markets for buyers seeking a more basic alternative to the newest model. For those who find the 70 a little too advanced, the company has unveiled a concept called Rangga that previews a truly rudimentary truck.

Presented in Indonesia, the Rangga takes the form of a boxy truck with a tall, upright front end that’s vaguely reminiscent of Toyota’s latest off-roaders without veering into retro territory. It’s smaller than the Tacoma and the Hilux sold in global markets, and its relatively flat body panels should keep production costs in check. It sounds like the Rangga range will include variants aimed at commercial and private users.

Versatility is part of the Rangga’s appeal. Toyota published computer-generated images showing the concept configured as an ice cream truck, an ambulance, a mobile coffee shop, and a fire truck; there’s even a version with old-school dog dish hubcaps and wood panels on the sides. Photos of the interior haven’t been released, but we imagine the cabin is as Spartan as the black bumpers and steel wheels suggest.

While the brand didn’t publish technical specifications, Top Gear Philippines learned that buyers will initially have gasoline- and diesel-powered engines to choose from. They’ll likely be four-cylinder units; nothing suggests the 70-Series Land Cruiser’s 4.5-liter turbodiesel V8 will get its own box on the list of options. Hybrid and electric powertrains will allegedly join the line-up at some point in the production run.

Toyota notes that the Rangga will morph into a new model “in the future” and join its growing range of commercial vehicles. There’s no word yet on when the production version will make its debut or how much it will cost, but don’t expect to see it turn a wheel in the United States.