Turn Your Car or Truck into a Mobile Office with These Essentials

Turn Your Car or Truck into a Mobile Office with These Essentials

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This story was updated in January 2023 with new products and information

Offsite and remote work is looking more and more like it’s here to stay. That means productivity is more important than ever to a successful career. With the increase in remote work, we need to find ways to stay busy and up to speed no matter where we are, or where the job takes us.

Our Picks for the Top Mobile Office Necessities

Truck drivers, construction workers, and employees in other fields who travel for work know exactly how tough it is to stay connected and productive when you’re on the road all the time. And if the boss is trying to reach you? You’d better pick up.

Luckily, thanks to remote work becoming the new norm, there are lots of great new products on the market designed to make it easier and more comfortable to work from the driver’s seat. From tech to car organizers, here are some of our favorite must-have mobile office essentials for the modern worker who’s always on the go.

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best cellphone signal booster


Vehicle Cellphone Signal Booster

best front seat desk


Front-Seat Car Organizer and Desk

best car organizer


Front-Seat Organizer

best steering wheel tray


Steering Wheel/Headrest Tray

best power inverter


12V 300-watt Power Inverter

best cell phone cupholder mount


Cupholder Phone Mount

best trunk organizer


Trunk Organizer

best headrest hook


Headrest Hangers

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