Valtteri Bottas' Nude Calendar Exists To Support Prostate Cancer Research

Valtteri Bottas' Nude Calendar Exists To Support Prostate Cancer Research

Photo: Chris Graythen / Staff (Getty Images)

Alfa Romeo Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas just finished competing in the Las Vegas Grand Prix where he came in 17th, butt he’s not going to let a disappointing finish get him down. He’s got more important things to focus on, such as unveiling a nude calendar for 2024. In the video that he posted on Twitter, you only get to see the photos used for three months of the year, butt based on what we’ve seen so far, we get the feeling the other nine won’t disappoint at all.

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And while you might expect a calendar with 12 professionally shot ass pics to cost a pretty penny, it’s actually more affordable than you might have thought. If you head over to, you’ll see that it only costs $23 with tax included. You still have to pay for shipping, which varies based on where you live, but getting one shipped to Atlanta costs $9, bringing the total up to a still reasonable $32.

Why do a nude calendar in the first place? To support prostate cancer research, of course. If you didn’t know already, the prostate is located in the butt, so it only makes sense for Bottas to drop trou and show off his keister. So for every calendar you buy, $5 goes to prostate cancer research. So if you have a couple of F1 fans in your life that you need Christmas gifts for, look no further than Bottass 2024. It will not only help your friends and family members keep track of the days of the week, but it will also support a good cause.

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Speaking to RaceFans, Bottas said, “Since the launch, which was a couple of days [ago], it’s about €50,000 we’ve raised and counting. The aim is to get €100,000 for charity.” That’s really not bad, but come on, Jalopnik. We can definitely get him over the top. After all, it’s for a good cause.

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