What Do You Want to Know About the 2023 Genesis G90?

What Do You Want to Know About the 2023 Genesis G90?

Image: Genesis

Despite what you may think of the Genesis brand, it’s an up-and-coming player in the luxury game. Every single car they make hits it out of the park. From the G70 sports sedan all the way up to the GV80 SUV, you can’t not take them seriously. The G90 embodies all of that. Before I tell you guys why I’d like to know what you all want to know about it.

The example I’ve been driving for over a week is a loaded-to-the-hilt G90 E-Supercharger AWD. With a fantastic-looking matte Makalu Gray paint, it stickers for $101,295 (including a $1,095 destination charge). The paint, which makes it look like some sort of prototype, is the sole option. Everything else in that six-figure price comes standard.

The features in this thing will make you question why anyone would go for a comparable BMW 7 Series or Mercedes S-Class. This has everything from electronically opening and closing doors, tri-zone climate control, Nappa leather seating, a wild in-car fragrance system to a luxurious limo-like rear seat with controls and luxurious features for the rear passengers.

Motivating this luxo barge is a unique engine setup. Power comes from a 3.5L turbocharged V6 that gets a 48V electronic supercharger bolted onto it. It makes 409 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque and is paired with an eight-speed automatic. With standard all-wheel drive it’s enough to rocket this thing to 60 mph in about five seconds.

It truly is an impressive luxury sedan that I can’t wait to tell you guys more about. While I continue to let this thing coddle me for the next few days, I’m curious what you all want to know about it. So let me know in the comments, and I’ll either briefly answer here or let you know the rest in my upcoming review.