What Is The Best Car Made By A Brand You Can't Stand?

What Is The Best Car Made By A Brand You Can't Stand?

Image: Mercedes

Think of an automotive brand you hate. There’s an automotive manufacturer that you just can’t stand — probably irrationally — and you’d never buy any of their products. Maybe you got burned once a long time ago and don’t trust the company anymore. Maybe you’re a racing fan and cheer against their team or driver every weekend. Or maybe you just don’t like the cut of their jib.

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There’s always at least one exception to every rule. You’d break your own unwritten pact to buy a car from that manufacturer if, and only if, it was this specific model that you’ve really had your eye on. It’s been haunting your dreams for ages. “How could a car company that bad make a car so incredible?” you think to yourself.

I don’t exactly hate Mercedes-Benz, per se. I just find most of the cars they sell bland and overpriced, probably because the company’s signature color is *spits on the floor* silver. Gross. There are a handful of Mercedes through the years that are pretty okay, and while I could see myself driving one under the right conditions, there are so many other more exciting things available that I never go their way. 300SL Gullwing? I mean, I’d probably always prefer a Porsche 356 for a tenth of the price. 190E Cosworth? BMW’s E30 M3 is right there!

The only thing Mercedes has ever made that really makes me sit up and pay attention is the ridiculously over-the-top Mercedes-McLaren SLR Stirling Moss. The Germans are typically not capable of such wild aberration. It’s a windshield-less front-engine monster with half doors and fender exhaust dumps. I’m honestly surprised Dodge didn’t make something like this with the Viper, but Mercedes? Those engineers never do anything fun. Except when they do. And this is very fun.

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Okay, so sound off in the comments. What brand do you hate? What car does that brand make that you’re oddly attracted to? Let’s hear it. We want to know what car is the Juliet to your Romeo.