What’s The Ugliest American Car Ever Made?

What’s The Ugliest American Car Ever Made?

It’s bleak, isn’t it? Photo: Ford

Over the years, American automakers have churned out some spectacular cars. Things like the 1960s Corvette Stingray, the Ford GT or the classic Lincoln Continental are all class, but not every American car was so lucky when they were dishing out looks. Instead, some American cars are pretty damn ugly, but what’s the worst?

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That’s what we want to uncover today, so we’re turning to you and asking for your suggestions for the ugliest American cars that have ever been built? So, what have you got?

Obviously, the Pontiac Aztek is an easy target here with its snout-like front end, lumpy proportions and distinct lack of style. But that’s a car that comes up whenever this question is posed, so we think you can do better.

Instead, you could opt for something like the bug-eyed AMC Pacer from the 1970s as the ugliest American car. Thanks to its weirdly long hood and bulbous cabin, it’s definitely in the running for the crown. Or you might think the award should actually be handed to the Mustang MKII, purely because it took the perfectly-designed muscle car and ruined it.

However, the second-gen Mustang isn’t the ugliest American car. Heck, it’s not even the ugliest Ford, as that award clearly goes to the Taurus wagon of the late 1990s. Normally I’m all for a fun station wagon, but there’s something about the Taurus and its weirdly-shaped windows, squished down nose and slightly too small headlights that just doesn’t do it for me. Ugly, ugly car.

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That’s just my suggestion, though, so what have you got? Head to the comments section below to let us know your picks for the ugliest American car of all time and we’ll round up some of the top offenders in a slideshow next week.