What’s Your Least Favorite Road to Drive On?

What’s Your Least Favorite Road to Drive On?

Photo: Nicolas Vollmer / Wikimedia Commons

It is effortless to remember, reminisce and even fantasize about drives on great roads. Great roads usually feature little to no traffic with sweeping curves in picturesque landscapes. Though, bad driving experiences are a dime a dozen that we all hope to forget. Those experiences are the kind of drives that we usually slog through on a daily basis to get to and from work.

Today, I’m asking you to share the stretches of pavement you dislike the most. I want to know the roads, streets and highways that you go out of your way to avoid. Whether it be a bumper-to-bumper nightmare factory, a safe harbor for road rage drivers or a roadway that the state DOT has never repaved in our lifetimes, I want you to share them all.

I’ll go first. My least favorite road is the FDR Drive. For those of you unfamiliar with New York City, the 9.7-mile parkway named after the 32nd President of the United States winds its way up the eastern side of Manhattan. From south to north, the highway starts at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and ends at 125th Street, passing underneath the United Nations Headquarters. If I know the traffic will be unbearable, I’ll take a gamble on local streets instead. Despite commercial traffic being banned from the FDR Drive, going from traffic light to traffic light northbound on 1st Avenue back to the Bronx is usually faster than sitting in traffic.

Please don’t hesitate to share your least favorite road to drive on below. Let’s all embrace this moment of solidarity to acknowledge how bad some drives can get. I promise that your rant in the comments isn’t going to make your local roads any worse.

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