What's Your State's Dumbest Looking License Plate?

What's Your State's Dumbest Looking License Plate?

Screenshot: NJMVC

License plates probably aren’t something you think about all too often. At the end of the day, they’re just a functional piece of metal with numbers and letters that make sure you don’t buzz by a traffic camera too fast. Much like the cars they’re attached to, not every license plate is created equally – especially the design.

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Every single state has its own license plate, as you know. Then, there are dozens – sometimes hundreds – of alternate designs that’ll fit your vibe just right. That got us thinking about today’s question. Last year, we asked you what you thought the best one was. Now, we’re changing our tune, and we want to know what the worst is in your state.

There’s plenty of dumb shit out there. Sports franchise tie-ins, wildlife gunk and state heritage plates are great examples of doing too much with a goddamn license plate. They’re the automotive equivalent of drawing a doodle on a nametag. It’s embarrassing. Grow up. No one wants plates, but we’ve got to have them, so act like an adult. Oh, and don’t even get me started on personalized plates. I hate that shit. Horrible, but that’s a post for another day.

One of the dumbest sets of plates I’ve found is New Jersey’s “Official Licensed NASCAR Plates.” You, a person who lives in New Jersey, can have a license plate with Danica Patrick’s, Jeff Gordon’s or Tony Stewart’s (to name a few) signature and number on it. There’s just one that is acceptable: Dale Earnhardt’s. How sick would an Intimidator license plate be? It would be so badass.

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Anyway, other than that, they’re all trash. Why don’t you head down below and share the dumbest license plate you’ve come across?