Window Shop: Racetrack Thrills for Less Than $40,000

Window Shop: Racetrack Thrills for Less Than $40,000

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The Best Lightning Lap Cars for $40k | Window Shop with Car and Driver | EP109

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In a world of constant change and turmoil, it’s comforting to have some constants. Some things to rely upon. Things that will always be there; regularly, predictably, on schedule. That’s not Car and Driver’s YouTube spectacular, Window Shop.

But here it is, after more than a month of hibernation, back again. It’s not the world’s most beloved Zoom-based content, but it’s fun for us anyhow.

This episode’s challenge was to find a vehicle that would be fun to drive around Virginia International Raceway, the road course that has long been home to C/D’s beloved annual Lightning Lap feature. Not that all of the participants have actually been welcomed to Lightning Lap.

So join us for about an hour’s worth of sniping, snipping, sniveling, and navel gazing about finding the right fun thing for less than $40,000.

Aboard for this episode are major domo Tony Quiroga, minor domo K.C. Colwell, senior doma Elana Scherr, favorite contributing domo Jonathon Ramsey, and some guy named John Pearley Huffman.

In color! Often hazy and washed out. But color nonetheless.

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John Pearley Huffman has been writing about cars since 1990 and is getting okay at it. Besides Car and Driver, his work has appeared in the New York Times and more than 100 automotive publications and websites. A graduate of UC Santa Barbara, he still lives near that campus with his wife and two children. He owns a pair of Toyota Tundras and two Siberian huskies. He used to have a Nova and a Camaro.

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