Woman Falls Out Of Amazon Van During Joyride

Woman Falls Out Of Amazon Van During Joyride

There’s something tempting about an idling delivery truck. It’s just sitting there, devoid of caretakers but full of wonders you can only imagine — who knows what’s back there? Boxes full of unmarked bills, gems, and jewels, perhaps even pirate treasure. So can you really blame this Grand Rapids woman for grabbing one as it sat unattended, and taking it out for a brief joyride?

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Dashcam video from inside an Amazon delivery van shows a very dapper Grand Rapids woman hopping into the unattended vehicle, and throwing it into gear for a brief but likely thrilling joyride. She starts to throw the wheel from left to right, getting a feel for the van’s handling, before its rocking motion throws her out the passenger side of the cab.

DASH CAM: Amazon truck stolen, taken on joy ride in Grand Rapids

The driver has been tracked down and charged, according to local ABC affiliate WZZM, and could face up to five years in prison. Of course, the true tragedy of the story is that the daring heroine didn’t get to make off with any of the loot from the back of the van. Think of how many sets of suspenders could’ve been back there! How many bow ties!

If you’re planning to make off with a delivery van full of Amazon goodies, try to make your escape a direct one. After all, it wasn’t the initial theft that did this entrepreneur in — it was the joyriding in the exit, the tests of handling dynamics in what appears to be a Rivian delivery vehicle. You get to be a heist mastermind or a world-class racing driver, but it’s attempting to combine the two that’ll do you in.

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