Woman Holds On To Car Hood For Several Blocks While Trying To Rescue Stolen Dog

Woman Holds On To Car Hood For Several Blocks While Trying To Rescue Stolen Dog

Screenshot: ABC7/YouTube

Riding on the exterior of a car is an absolutely awful idea, but sometimes, when those we love are in danger, we act, rather than think. That’s what happened to one woman in Los Angeles who jumped on the hood of a moving car to save her best friend from being dog-napped in broad daylight.

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Ali Zacharias told ABC7 that she and her French Bulldog, Onyx, were eating lunch outside of the Grand Avenue Whole Foods. At some point, an unknown woman reportedly tried to get the French bulldog’s attention before grabbing its leash. She then took the dog and jumped into a car with three other people and locked the doors. The way Zacharias saw it, she had no choice but risk it all in an attempt to stop the thieves away with stealing Onyx.

“I thought I was going to die. I just was like ‘this is it”,” said Ali Zacharias.


“I didn’t want the car to drive away, so I ran and stood in front of it. They drove into me and I fell on top of the hood, and just started to grab on… Before I knew it, they were like backing up and taking off,” she recalled.

The thieves kept going for several blocks before swerving, sending Zacharias to the ground.

Sadly, the thieves managed to make off with Onyx. They were last seen in a white Kia Forte that was missing a hubcap. Onyx is described as “a black merle French bulldog with a spotted coat and two different colored eyes.” If you have any information on Onxy’s location, you can call the Los Angeles Police Department at (877) 275-5273.

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“I just feel lost and lonely without him,” Zacharias told ABC7. “He’s my buddy, he’s my wing man. He goes to work with me, we do everything and he was just suddenly gone.”

Woman clings to speeding car after French bulldog stolen in DTLA