You can own the original Mk 1 Ford GT 40 press car

You can own the original Mk 1 Ford GT 40 press car

There have been plenty of Ford racing cars over the years, but none have a legacy that can hold a candle to the GT40’s. The iconic racer took Ford to victory at Le Mans, earning it a starring role in the recent film “Ford vs. Ferrari.” Though they’re exceedingly rare, GT40s occasionally pop up for sale, and one of the more interesting early examples recently surfaced on the UK’s PistonHeads car sales site.

This Ford GT40 was the original press car issued to journalists in the UK for testing and photography. It was originally used as a show and display car, appearing at the Geneva Auto Show in 1967. It was repainted during that time, changing from its factory Opalescent Silver Blue to Metallic Borneo Green.

After its modeling career and a test drive by Formula 1 champ Graham Hill, the car was sold to a collector who repainted it yellow and took it vintage racing. The GT40 also appeared at the Goodwood Revival in 2007 before being returned to street spec and repainted in its original blue hue.

The Mk 1 road cars are super rare, with only 31 produced, though the entire GT 40 production run only includes 105 cars. Race-winning cars have sold for several million dollars, and a prototype hit almost $7 million at auction 10 years ago. This car’s backstory and gorgeous spec will likely drive its price deep into the millions as well. The price is available on request, and we’re willing to bet it’s a shocker.

That said, there is no shortage of reproduction cars, though they often carry hefty price tags of their own. Superformance offers a painstakingly accurate GT 40 that is so close to the original that parts are interchangeable between new and old cars. While not “real” GT 40s, the cars start at more than $150,000 just for the rolling chassis, and complete cars can sometimes reach a quarter-million dollars.

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